About us

Clifford Beard

Devastated by his mother’s suicide and feeling abandoned when his father deserted him, God propelled Cliff to become a powerful preacher of His word, resulting in countless souls been won for Christ.
Through his life, Clifford has been driven by the call of God. Cliff is widely recognized as a powerful preacher - a man of faith and action. He approaches each venture with dogged resolve and utmost assurance that God will always fulfill His word. Doubt is not a part of Cliff’s vocabulary. His passion is to see people released from their bondages and fears so that they can realize their full potential in Christ. ‘Putting feet on your faith’ is an expression that he uses often: He encourages people everywhere to take a step of faith and discover what God can do through them.


Helen Beard

Close to her last grasps of breath as chronic asthma sufferer and suffering from the deadly Golden Staph infection, God miraculously raised Helen from the hospital bed to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ all over the world.
Helen’s experience in ministry is vast: She has spent many years pastoring in Australia and in the USA. She has also been actively involve with missionary work in Africa and the Philippines; held crusades in throughout India and Argentina; authored many books – ‘Women in Ministry Today’ became a top seller in the USA; and, involved with countless women conferences around the world. Helping women find a new expression in Christ is a great passion of hers. The ‘grace of God’ is a theme that gives her daily inspiration. Helen considers that her greatest achievement to date is successfully raising five children, who are all passionately serving God today.

A Heritage of Faith

In Cliff and Helen’s early days of ministry, a new and exciting movement was emerging. Christians everywhere began to experience a new found freedom in Christ. A new expression of worship was breaking forth, and Cliff and Helen were right on the cutting edge of what God was doing in Australia at that time. They helped people break free from their religious and traditional shackles that bound many Christians back then in the 60’s and 70’s. They went about promoting the idea that it is alright to freely worship God, at a time when lifting up of hands were still very much frowned upon. They went everywhere preaching the ‘New Creation’ message and seeing many people discovering a new freedom and liberty in Christ for the very first time. During that time they saw many salvations, healings and miracles as God went before them fulfilling His word.
Cliff and Helen became pioneers of women ministries in Australia. Helen was the first women in Australia to be fully credentialed and practice as a pastor of a local assembly; women involved in church leadership were unheard of at that time. This was at a time when the general consensus was that women’s rightful place within the church was to remain silent. They spoke at many conferences encouraging women everywhere to become ministers of God’s word. Helen’s fruit as a fully fledged minister began to multiply and then it quadrupled so that it made it virtually impossible for anyone to dismiss her legitimacy to stand behind the pulpit and preach God’s word. Their stand paved the way for other women to become actively involved in church service. Cliff and Helen began their ministry with a simple conviction and this conviction has continued with them through to this day, it is; when God calls, take a step of faith, regardless of the impossibilities that might present itself along the way.
Cliff and Helen have traveled the world preaching the gospel. They have proclaimed the message of Christ in sixty four nations – with some of them; they have visited over twenty times. Through the grace and mercy of God, Cliff and Helen have seen many churches raised up; they have preached to crusades with crowds in excess of 50, 000 people; they have rescued many destitute children in third world counties through child sponsorships; they have met with a President; they have authored many books and witness innumerous healings and miracles.
I shared these things with you, not to boast but to encourage you to trust God. Step out in faith. When God calls you to do something for Him, do not focus on your fears or limitations but put your confidence in God’s own ability. If you put ‘FEET ON YOUR FAITH’ you WILL see many amazing things happen. God can take ordinary people and use them to change the world for his glory. Approach every venture with perseverance. Remember the principle of percentages - the more ‘No’s that you receive, the more YESs’ you will receive, and if you like to spiritualize it – ‘the more that you sow, the more you will reap’ (2 Corinthians 9:6). Finally, the New Testament has a word that best describes our mission on earth…..and that is the word ‘GO’.

Phillip Beard

You are the Righteousness of God in Christ

Throughout our ministry we made it our quest to help believers find their freedom and authority in Jesus Christ. Sadly, we have witnessed so many good Christians suffering from guilt and condemnation. We have seen countless people (either consciously or subconsciously) struggling and striving to find God’s acceptance and favor. From our discussions with people, it became clear that they needed a revelation on ‘the finished work of Christ’. When people apprehend this truth, it is like turning light switch on: People become overjoyed when they realize that they do not have to carry the burden of self-works any longer and that they stand before God fully accepted and fully pure and holy.
It is essential to understand what being a ‘new creation in Christ’ means to us. Our justification comes by faith in what Christ has achieved on our behalves and not of anything that we have done in the past or will do in the future. Christ has completed the work and we need only to accept it by faith. Themes like - ‘What we are in Christ’, ‘You are the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus’ and ‘You are more than a Conqueror through Christ’ are truths that provide Christians with a sustained confidence to approach God, unrestrictedly. We have preached these subjects all over the world and seen innumerable amounts of people’s lives change as a result.

Cliff and Helen Beard