Living Miracles

Living MiraclesWalk with Cliff Beard as he walks the life of faith around the world and through the decades.
Living Miracles is Clifford Beard’s new book, co-authored by Gwenneth Leane, documenting a lifetime of miracles across the world. Cliff Beard is the Australian who has blazed a trail across 40 countries through 60 years bringing a life changing message of righteousness and the new creation. The book documents some astonishing happenings as Cliff and his wife Helen embark upon and then establish a Christian ministry of global significance. This is a great read for any Christian who needs to be stirred afresh and indeed for any skeptic. The pages are saturated with life as Cliff Beard relates events that will build your faith in a miracle working Jesus.

“Living Miracles is a book for all believers who want to be fired up to move in the supernatural. This simple yet exceptional book will grip your heart, provoke action and bring you to a new level of faith and power!” Mario Babarczy, Founder, Hearts in Action International