The Day God gave me 10,000 Destitute Orphans (Part 2)

At that point, it was though I sailed out into a new world. I was lost in the Spirit of God. God spoke to me. “You can do something. You can do something.” I found myself arguing with God. “What can I do I’m only one man and there are three hundred and thirty thousand orphaned children living in Uganda now - what can I do?” God said these life changing words -“Do something, not everything, but just something that would be enough.” Then I realized that if I could get everyone to do just something and we put all that together, wow, we would have achieve something significant. That day the prophet’s words were being fulfilled. That person was genuine and God had indeed spoken to him. We never saw that man again. God knew that Helen would be more accepting than I was so he sent the prophet to her. We came home and our lives were changed forever. We were both committed with helping destitute children. This was now our vision. Being bought up in the farming way of life, I began to think along the lines of something like this - if we could buy some land in Uganda, we could grow fruit and vegetables for many years to come then… we could feed these hungry little children every day. We discovered through our investigations that we could buy 10 acres of land for $10,000. I said that is it. Have you experienced where you know that you know that you know for certain that you are a 100% right about something? Well I knew that this plan was perfectly right. 

The Givers 

We came home and our hearts were burning fiercely. I began to travel around everywhere telling tragic story of the little orphan boy. While I was preaching in a church in Melbourne a stranger (he was a stranger to that church as well) came up to me after a meeting and said, “tell me some more about this” As I shared with him he said, “you have the first $10,000 for the land.” Shocked I asked, “What do you mean?” He said, “I will bring it tomorrow.” Well, the next day, I was standing in that church when the door opened and that same man said, Cliff, do something for those kids.” With that he threw $10,000 dollars across the church to me. He then turned to leave, waved and said, “you don’t know me. You don’t know where I got that from and you don’t need to know more - just do something for those kids.” Then he was gone. To my knowledge, I have never seen this person again. People ask me do I think he was an angel. I can’t tell. All I know is that he looked very much like a man with a huge heart and passion to help people in distress. 
God was doing things so fast that a few days later I received a letter from a Pastor. It said - Go for it Cliff! You really are on the ball and enclosed was a cheque for $5,000. 
A week latter another letter came with great encouraging words and a cheque for $4,500. It wasn’t long until we were able to buy fifty acres of land. Eventually, we were able to build 23 orphan homes, 3 school buildings and a medical clinic on the land. We had 3,000 children, schooled, fed, clothed, and receiving loving tender care. Many years later we had completed God’s work there and soon it came time to hand over the project to nationals and move on to other areas of ministry. The work still continues today under new management. I told you that it was long; story with me - there is more. 

The Vision Continues

A short time later, the President of Zambia heard about what God had done through us that he invited us to visit his country. He pleaded with us to do the same work in Zambia that we did in Uganda. Today, as result, there is a strong missionary children’s work going on in that country through International Gospel Centre (IGC). After Zambia, we turned our focus to the Philippines. Today there is a massive work going on among the poor and destitute in that country. This work was initiated by IGC but recently others have taken over the vision and God is doing a wonderful work through them. IGC still looks after the destitute children in third world countries through child sponsorships in the Philippines and in Africa and is doing a great work, as well. IGC was an organization that I set up when I received the vision to help little orphaned children. 
There is no end to this massive revival. Hundreds of churches and individuals say it was the story of the little boy that impacted them so deeply that it became the launching pad for all their missionary endeavors. A great revival is going on today, largely due to a few people who God worked through. It began with the prophet who had the courage to speak and sow the word of the Lord. Then it was the little African boy who ignited our hearts for the outcasts and destitute of this world. Finally, the man in the church was instrumental in helping get the vision off the ground by providing the vital funds. These people are like shooting stars of blessings in our lives. They appear out of nowhere; they are with us for a brief moment and then they disappear out of our lives but what they leave behind is immense. I leant to never take for granted the people who act like shooting stars in our lives. I have never underestimated the role I could play in someone’s life by offering a short word of encouragement or giving them a bag of groceries. You just don’t know what God can do with your endeavor to help others within in the larger picture. I did not know what ever happened to the little orphaned boy that God used to speak to us through, but I pray that he is now safe and well. May God bless that little boy and I have confidence that God would have looked after him. I hope that we can meet again in heaven. But that is not the end of the story – 

Just do Something, not Everything - but not Nothing.

Today our work flourishes worldwide. We are travelling to places like Argentina and El Salvador sharing Christ to the lost in those areas. If you would like to get in on something that is happening and real, there is still room. We together can do something. We don’t have to do the lot but just something, which we found, will be enough to do something significant. If you would like to do something you can pray for us or even give a donation. Remember with your help, we able to preach the gospel message to faraway places. There are people out there that need to hear that Jesus loves them and died for them. Some can afford to do something big and there are those who can do something small - everything helps. We are desperate to take the gospel to those who have not heard about the wondrous redemptive story of Jesus Christ. Everyone can do something that is how all this got started. It was when God said to me - you can do something. He wasn’t asking me to do everything. If he did then we probably would have never got started. If we had procrastinated, thousands of children and poor people would have died before we had ended up making up our minds. Now is the time to start. I have been as honest and sincere as best as I possibly could be. If people think that I’m wrong for opening my heart so be it - I am prepared to bare that for the sake of the kingdom. If I can save one more soul for God’s kingdom or save a precious poor suffering person from agony or pain, it will be all worth it. I lost my pride years ago. Today and to the end of my life, I will walk on a straight line and proclaim God’s message. You and I will be living with excitement throughout eternity when we see the poor and the destitute dance with us through the gates of heaven. Oh my, how we will sing praises to God for delivering all these precious people. Those who have supported our work over the years will be with us to make up the heavenly choir. Just do something but don’t do nothing.

Clifford Beard


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