The Doctor Confirms Miracle

Dr Spratt sat at the front of one of my meetings and a large number of people had gathered in a line across the front of the hall so they could receive prayer. God began to do miracles and many were testifying that the lord had healed them.
After the meeting the doctor said to me, “my medical training tells me that this can’t happen.” “What is it that can’t happen? I enquired. She said, “sickness can’t be healed like this.” She added, “but something wonderful is happening to these people as you pray for them - I am confused.” Jokingly I remarked, “would you like me to call a doctor then?” She smiled and left. The next meeting, she was back. We went through the same discussion all over again. She was now convinced that healings did happen. 

Prayer for the Patients

The next meeting Doctor Spratt turned up with several of her sick patients and asked me if I would pray for them. God did some wonderful things that night and several testified that God had healed them. The doctor became so excited that she asked me if I would go with her tomorrow to visit all her patients who are incapable of coming into her surgery each week. She requested that I pray for them. These were the more serious cases, some incurable situations. 
The Dr called for me on the Monday morning and we left to pray for these sick people. As we drove, she said, “I had better tell you about this first person. She is in a wheel chair and unable to walk. Her vertebrae have been smashed out of place. She is unable to move because when she moves she suffers intense pain. I have the plaster in my surgery so we can encase her in it to stop any movement. Oh, please, when you pray for her do not put your hands on her. If you do you will cause her pain.” I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived. 
As we walked into the room here was this little lady sitting in her wheel chair. Her fingers were twisted and her mouth was turned hard to the left of her face. Her feet could not reach the floor. I waited while the doctor went through her usual checks then she turned to me and said, “There you are!”

Jesus Come into my Heart

I walked over and got on my knees in front of the poor little lady. I asked her, “what do you want me to do for you?” She said, “the doctor told me that God answers prayers.” “Yes,” I said. Then I asked her if she had received Jesus Christ into her heart. “Oh goodness, I haven’t been to church for years - I can’t get out of here.” The doctor nodded in agreement. The Doctor said the only way she can go anywhere is when an ambulance takes her to hospital. I then looked at Mrs. Simpson and said, “I would like to pray a prayer and if you don’t mind, I would like you to pray it after me.” “Now follow me, say - Jesus come into my heart…” She followed me mumbling the words out of the side of her mouth. I said “Now say, Jesus I thank you for healing me and making me whole.” With that I stood up and said, Mrs. Simpson God has heard that prayer and something good is happening to you now!” We left and she was still in that chair. Two days went by, when I received a phone call from the Doctor. She could hardly speak. “Is this Pastor Cliff?” She asked. “You had better get down here quickly,” she urged, “come now.” “Where are you?” I asked. She said, I am with Mrs. Simpson and she is running around like a teenage girl. Oh my! Oh my! Come quickly. 

The Healing of Mrs. Simpson

I rushed out the door and dashed to see what God had done. There was Mrs. Simpson walking all around that house without one bit of pain. She had been to the hair dressers and had her hair fixed as well. She had washed the curtains and cleaned the house for the first time in many years. What a miracle it was. Five families came to Christ in her street when they saw what God had done for her. 
In our Sunday evening meeting we had Mrs. Simpson hidden behind a curtain on the platform while Doctor Spratt gave everyone her medical history. Then we rolled back the curtains and Mrs. Simpson walked out holding her big fiberglass brace in her hands. She walked up to the microphones and said, “all you have to do is simply believe.”

Clifford Beard


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