Fear that can Kill You (Part 1)

Fear is one of the most deadly forces in the universe. It has the power to destroy. It attacks people’s creativity. Yet people carry fear around imbedded in their heart like it is something to be treasured. They nurture it daily until eventually their capacity to succeed has all but been eroded. People, who live with fear, lose their ability to trust. Faith and trust go hand in hand. Faith is grounded in one’s ability place complete trust in God. Faith and fear cannot coexist.

I want to share with you a story about people who became victims to fear. Most people see fear as an external force. They are afraid of external things such as a speeding traffic, heights, small confined spaces or the dark. However, the problem is not external. The problem lies deep within people's own heart. Fear speaks to them from within about external things. Fear tells them that bad things will happen and they had better prepare for the worst. Here is my first story.

Fearful of the Future

One morning I was walking my daughter to school along a busy street. I looked up and noticed a lady that I knew standing on the other side of the street. The lady was a Christian and often attended my meetings. She looked distressed. Her whole countenance told me that something was wrong. I said to my daughter, come with me? I must go and see what is wrong with that poor lady across the other side of the street. I was thinking maybe I could help her in some small way to brighten up her day or maybe I can offer her a word of comfort.

I asked her, ‘are you ok?’ ‘What has happened?’ ‘You look miserable’. With fear in her eyes she said, ‘I am afraid of what the future holds for me.’ ‘I am worried that things are going from worst to worst’. ‘I worried that I will have nothing to eat next week’. It was obvious that she was suffering from a panic attack. To get her thinking more rationally, I ask her if she had something to eat this morning and she said, yes. I asked if she had ever missed a meal previously in her life because of a lack of money - her response was, ‘no’. I discovered that there was no basis for her worry.

Suffering from the Symptoms of Fear 

Curiously, this lady was worried about going hungry, while she still had a full stomach. The real problem here was not a lack of food but fear. She became confused and totally irrational in her thinking. Fear had taken hold of something that may or may not happen in the future and pulled it up into her present. This is the very nature of fear: It has the ability to take nonexistent things of the future and makes them seem like a present reality. Fear distorts things in a way that truth becomes so clouded that people begin to suffer from the symptoms of something that has never have occurred. I continually checked up on this lady over the preceding weeks and I can report that not once did she go without any food. Although her finances were thin, she made it through without missing out on a meal.

The Young Man that Feared

I heard an incredible story from a very reliable person about the destructive creative nature of fear. This storey will awaken you to a new understanding of why the Bible tells us not to fear.

There was a young man who worked on the railways. His job was to clean the refrigerated train carriages. Each night it was his friend’s responsibility to make sure all the refrigerated carriages doors were shut and locked. On night unaware that his mate was inside one of the refrigeration units, he slammed the door shut and went home. There was no way the young man could get out of refrigerator. Apparently, he shouted and bashed on the door but no one heard him

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