Fear that can Kill You (Part 2)

The young man feared the worst. He fumbled around inside in the dark refrigeration unit until he found an old knife. As he saw that he did not have long to live, he began to scratch a message in the floor. The message read, ‘it is getting cold in here. These may be my last words. Goodbye to my children and to my wife, I love you all’.

The next morning they went searching for him and when they opened the relevant refrigerator door, they found the young man dead. It was concluded that something else must have killed this man other than the temperature because all the refrigeration units were shut down that night. The people who inspected the site were surprised how warm it was inside the unit. There was enough air supply to keep a man alive for many days. The experts declared that it was impossible that a person could die at the existing temperature. Surprisingly, when the autopsy was done on his body to verify the cause of death, they found that all the symptoms revealed that he had died from extreme cold conditions. After weighing up all the evidence, it became clear that the true cause of death was fear. Yes, fear’s destructive power had played tricks on this young man so that he imagined that he was freezing to death and his body then reacted to what his mind was telling him. Fear plays havoc on our imagination so that we eventually begin to confuse fiction with reality.

My Story

When I was a child, I was extremely afraid of the dark. For some reason, I was afraid that a lion might jump out of the dark night and grab me. Now of course, there are not many lions in Australia but my fear would argue that one may escape from a circus sometime, somewhere. Logic tells me the chance of that happening is very miniscule but that did not stop me from worrying about each night.

As I grew older I realized that I had to eventually overcome this foolishness. As an act of defiance and to prove that I can conquer the dark, I took a torch, walked outside the house and stood under a tree in distant paddock. I was petrified. I could hear noises. My fears within me were whispering to me, what was that noise? Every noise eventually began to sound like a growling lion to me. Every rock in the distance seemed to take on a shape of a loin. It was time break the strangle hold over this nuisance thing that eroded my peace. I decided to focus on things that I enjoy about the night like the beautiful stars that light up the night sky. Each night I focused on another thing that I enjoyed about the night. What had happened logic and common sense overruled the fear in my life and I saw fear for what it was – a fabrication of my imagination.

I applied the same principle to my fear of heights. I focus on the beauty that exists from high above the ground rather than what could go wrong that from a height. I travelled the world numerous times now and spent many hours travelling at 35,000 feet up in the sky. I love looking out the window to admire the wonderful heavenly picture that exist that far up.

Conquering our Fears

What I say to you worked for me or otherwise I have no right to teach it to you. I want to make things as practical as I can and keep it simple. By conquering our fears Helen and I have been able to do many wonderful things for God. We have been able to approach every task with confidence. We have overcome many obstacles. We have stepped out in faith without fear of preservation. We have accomplished many things that we initially thought were impossible and unachievable. We have helped tens of thousands of people all over the world during our 58 years of ministry. We have ministered love in a hurting world to destitute people in faraway places. When we first started off in ministry we could not have dreamt for a minion years that we would have ended up going so far and so wide to fulfill God’s work. Have courage walk through every open door that presents itself. Let me tell you, all won’t be plain sailing. Yes, there will be bumps along the way but you must remain resilient to the call of God. We have such a beautiful book given to us by God. The Bible teaches us not to fear (‘Fear not’ is mentioned 365 times the Bible.) Fear not! May God bless you.

Clifford Beard


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