Listen for a Verb and Recieve your Miracle

Not many people realize that the world is built on words. God created the world with His words. We live in an environment filled with words. Sometimes we dream words in our sleep. The telephone rings what do we hear?....more words. We pick up a news paper and it is full of words. We don’t realize that we are controlled by words to a very large degree either our own or someone else’s. 
There's a powerful connection between the words we use and the results we get. Words shape perceptions and influence how we think. It creates impressions, images and expectations. Words can determine actions and behaviors. You see, certain words are charged with dynamite to create and change lives for the good. Equally, some words are filled with such destructive power and we see those effects in everyday life with broken marriages, dysfunctional family situations and kids running wild.
When studying the Bible and we soon come to realize how Jesus was a master of words. As I studied the bible to find out what Jesus knew about words, little did I know that I was about fall upon one the most life changing incredible revelations that would turn my whole life around. This discovery changed my ministry so much so that I began to see thousands and thousands of salvations and healings. As a result I have been able to take the gospel into 64 nations of the world. It has the power to make the extraordinary, common place. It is exiting to witness cripples walk, blind eyes seeing and deaf people hearing for the first time. It is a tremendous joy when you are ministering and someone jumps up in the middle of our meeting crying out - I am healed! My pain has gone! To see a cripple dance and kick their legs up and down is for anyone a mind boggling experience. Recently, a middle aged lady who was hit by the power of God forgot that she had a walking stick and jumped up onto her feet and started dancing down the aisle of the church. When she realized that she was healed, she started crying out to everyone - look at me! Everyone look at me everyone! She was crying and laughing and praising God. Everyone in that church began to sob and worship God with her. They knew her well as she was a member of that church and they had seen her dragging her body along to church services for years. Faith with in the hearts of the people rose so high others were also healed.
You see, there are two kinds of words - the word ‘believe’ is a verb and the word ‘faith’ is a noun. I noticed in the scripture that the king of our faith, Jesus, continuously and repetitiously spoke words of a different kind; He used daring words; He used action words; He commanded in verbs or action words. When He was creating miracles and healings, His words were direct, powerful and full of action. Through His words He prompted the people to act and do something. He said to the cripple man – “walk.” He said the leper “be clean.” He said to Simon and Andrew - “come, follow me.” 
Luke 5:23
rise, take up your bed and walk. Notice that this phrase is packed full of verbs.

Mark 1:17
"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."

Matthew 8:3
Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. "I am willing," he said. "Be clean!" Immediately he was cured of his leprosy.

Luke 13:12
when Jesus saw her, he called her forward and said to her, "Woman, you are set free from your infirmity."

Mark 1:25
"Be quiet!" said Jesus sternly. "Come out of him!"

Peter and John copied the king of words by using verbs when they told the crippled beggar at the gate to “rise up and walk.” The word ‘‘faith”’ has to do with things already created but the word “believe” has to do with all good things we need to create. Jesus said, these signs shall follow those that believe. Faith acknowledges that that sickness is a fact but stands powerless to do anything about it. When we actively believe the sickness is gone, the sign of health and healing follows. Where does the power lie? In the word ‘believe’. Listen for your verb and do it - this is so simple. Believe and command your sickness to go now! Be healed!

Clifford Beard


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