God's Provision

Thank you for joining me. Some of you no doubt have come from the other side of the world and you have just visited me here in Australia through this Website. I hope that you have arrived safely. Let us sit down and chat. Ok? How blessed I am to meet you. 
I want to put my finger on some of the things that could stand in your way of receiving God’s wealth and prosperity. As we journey together, you will receive new encouragement so don’t be afraid to stay on board. I can and will help you. I’m sure you would like to have a better income or see some stuff broken of your life that seems to stand in your way. Let me say as we get started, if something does not work for me, I had better keep my mouth closed so I will not deceive you - keep that in mind.
For years I wrestled with lots of scriptures that speak about God’s abundant provision and wealth. If there was such a thing, it certainly did not happen for me. I listened to all kinds of messages about prosperity and believing God. I found so many scriptures that said things like – “pressed down”, “shaken together”, “running over” and “more than I can retain”. I was tempted to rewrite it to say “more than I can attain.” I sincerely want to share what I discovered with you because it may just be the thing that you are looking for.

Poverty or Prosperity 

We need to ask ourselves - does God really want me to prosper? I had some big question marks and unanswered questions. I felt that I urgently needed to hear from God. First of all, my friend, ask your self is it God’s will to prosper you or is poverty his will? Maybe poverty would keep humble us and stop us from backsliding. As I searched God for the answers, I began to see that if prosperity is in his will then I should begin to ask God for it. I should pray sincerely that I may be his faithful servant and inherit such a high place and please him. If poverty is God’s will then I should hold special meetings where I could lay hands on people and ask God to make them really poor. However, this didn’t ring true because I knew a few friends over the years who were struggling in business; they seemed to work around the clock until their nerves and health began to deteriorate. Now once I had allowed the Holy Spirit to deal with my fears and doubts about the subject of prosperity, I began to experience great peace. At last I knew that God wanted us to prosper.
My next question was - how do I make it happen? I felt the Holy Spirit wanted to teach me so that I could be blessed. I found out that there are some blockages in most people that stand in the way of God of blessing them. I want to put my finger on those blockages today. Until they are dealt with the river of God can’t flow. As you receive understanding, you will sense a release and an excitement entering your heart as the Holy Spirit begins to witness the truth of my words.

Giving Faith Begets Receiving Faith

I had prayed and prayed over the years for God to help us and supply our need without much success. There is no doubt that there was a blockage stopping me from receiving his provision. The Holy Spirit said I can’t bless you because you have no hands. My eyes were now open to the fact that this was true. I had no “receiving hands.” We must exercise “giving faith.” Giving faith begets receiving faith. Wow! What a revelation. This is the way God keeps his wealth safe and locked up so thieves cannot steal it. Thieves are those who want things for nothing by robbing banks. Our attitude must not be to get only or we would just want the lot and do nothing for the kingdom of God. We are not “getters” - we are “receivers.” When we give - God first of all gives us the hands to receive. Remember giving faith begets receiving faith. 
Our farmers know that they must not steal their neighbor’s harvest, that is the principle of getting, but he does have a right to receive from his own sowing. So…I found out that I had every right to receive the harvest from my own sowing - this is the reason why some are blessed and others not. God gave me the key to prosperity - when you sow have receiving hands to reap also.
Since giving faith begets receiving faith then we should become very conscious about what we give. Receiving faith operates as a law or principle. Receiving faith is directly connected to what we sow. The reason why so many things go wrong is because people are sowing the wrong things. The wrong seed produces wrong things. The key to your miracle is in something that you have. When the Holy Spirit chooses the thing that you are to sow, it will always be a good thing a thing of value. So, the key to your miracle must be in something you have. You must find out what that thing is by prayer and waiting on God to guide you. Don’t tell me that God does not have a sense of humor.

The Harvest 

I was speaking about prosperity in a meeting some years ago. A lady sitting in our meeting said, “Lord if this is right - show me what is that I need to sow to receive the deep freezer that I have been praying for the last two years?” Like a flash, God said to her, “it is the old diamond ring in the top draw of the bedroom.” Immediately her giving faith went into action. She couldn’t wait to get home to tell the family what God had said. She was having lunch with the family when she said to her husband, “guess what?” He said, “you tell me.” She said, “we have our new deep freezer!” He asked, “where is it?” She said, “in the top draw in the bedroom.” “Oh boy, now I have heard everything now, he said.” “You will see,” she replied. Before the beginning of the evening service, she wrapped the old ring up, placed it in an envelope and brought it to our missionary meeting. When the offering was being taken up, she said, “Lord this is the seed you asked me for.” The miracle of receiving faith burst into her heart. She was full of joy from that time onwards. She no longer doubted the promise of provision. Her receiving faith had taken over. Two days went by and she received a letter. A friend said in the letter, “I have had you on my heart for some time but just today I knew I had to send you this money. In the letter there was cheque for $125.00. In the next few days a second letter came in the mail. This person said the same thing. “I have had you on my heart for some time and just today I felt that I have to send you this money.” It was for $25.00. Now, she knew it was time to go to the store and have a look at some freezers. When she arrived there was a big sale sign displayed outside the store. She rushed and said to the salesman I am looking for a deep freezer. He said to her if you take this one today, you can have it for $150.00. This was the exact amount of money that she received. That miracle changed that whole church. The pastor called me to tell me they were giving to mission’s big time. The church was now able to employ the pastor on a full time basis. Yes, God has a sense of humor - get your seed in for your early harvest. 

Clifford Beard


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