Jesus is your Miracle Worker Right Now

Walking off the plane at the San Salvador airport, I had a very wonderful experience. I had a very vivid impression that God was with me, that it shook me. As I was walking, I was talking to the Lord and asking Him to give me strength and to equip me for the task that I was about to undertake. I always seek God’s guidance when I am confronted with huge challenges and responsibility in my ministry. I was saying, “Lord I know you are a miracle worker there will be lots of people in our meetings over the next few days who will be in need of a miracle. Just then I felt that someone was walking along beside me. I looked around but I could not see anyone near me. This experience felt so real to me that it startled me. The first time it happened, I tried to brush it off, but when it happened again, it had my full attention. All of a sudden, I sensed the mighty power of God flood through me. I felt like that I was being lifted up towards the throne of heaven. It was like my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw that I was not alone but there was a huge spiritual army behind me. I felt like a conqueror and at that point I knew that God was truly with me. 

Thank you for being willing 

Then came the most wonderful words to me that seemed to pass through every part of my being filling me with an overflowing faith, “Thank you for being willing to come so far. I am with you. Come on, now we have work to do.” Immediately, I knew Jesus was speaking to me and showing me that He was about to do something special in the lives of those who attend the meetings. That night I found it hard to sleep because of the incredible experience and great expectation I had in my heart.
The next day we went off to our first meeting and 600 people had gathered in a parking lot in the city. The singing was bright and joyful. Faith and expectancy seemed to be running high. Then, I stood up to preach. As I was preaching, I sensed that things were beginning to snap in the spiritual realm. Jesus was here in the meeting. I stopped preaching and said to the people – “Jesus is in this meeting and he is walking among us looking for faith. If you reach out to him now, you will receive your miracle.” People began to get healed and filled with the Holy Spirit throughout the rest of the night. 

Jesus our Miracle Worker 

A cripple lady who was carried into the meeting received a wonderful healing. I watched as her legs straightened out. She was directly in front of me. When she was healed, she jumped to her feet and began to dance all around the front of the meeting. We just let her go on enjoying herself as long as she liked. Excitement and joy eventually turned into tears of thanks to God. I was amazed when she these words came from her lips – “I have been praying for God to send his angel to help us as we have such terrible problems here.” Then she stopped, looked up at me and said, “thank you for being willing to come so far.” Wow! Oh my! I was shocked because these were the very words that were spoken to me at the airport when I arrived. Isn’t God amazing? God was confirming with me that He was always with me and He is with those who heart to serve Him. Through this, I have come to learn that this wonderful Jesus of ours loves us and is always with us. He is a miracle worker. Did you hear me? Our Jesus is a miracle worker and if you ever get close to him, you will see that this is true.
God never discloses Himself fully to us when we first come to meet Him. Our faith walk involves a continual unfolding discovery of who God is. If we study our Bibles, we will soon understand that we haven't really known him in full. We are constantly finding out new aspects about God all the time. In many areas, He is still a mystery to us. However, when He comes out into the open and reveals himself some new part of Himself to us through his word, we often wonder where we have been all this time. In many places, people have turned Jesus into a statue because He has become nothing more than a myth. No one who has personally met this magnificent Lord and savior could do that. In El Salvador and Brazil they have built huge statures and placed them high up on mountains or on high tower structures. I told them in El Salvador that our savior is a living person. He is very much alive right now. He is our miracle worker. My Jesus is always the same and what he did back 2,000 years ago, He is still doing today.

The word says:
Heb 13.8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Matthew 12:15
Aware of this, Jesus withdrew from that place. Many followed him, and he healed all their sick,

Matthew 14:36
and begged him to let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak, and all who touched him were healed.

We need no greater evidence than these scriptures. Do you need a miracle? Jesus is closer than the air that you breathe in your nostrils. As you pray by faith, say, in the name of Jesus - be healed, or - be forgiven, or - be filled with the Holy Spirit. As you do this expect Jesus to touch you and make you whole, in his lovely name. I hope you enjoyed the message

Clifford Beard


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