The Day God gave me 10,000 Destitute Orphans (Part 1)

This is long story. It will challenge your Christian walk like no other. By the time you read it you will receive a fresh challenge - you may be just an ordinary person and you may not even be a church going person but I want you know that your God loves you. 
You are the special person. Please will you be my guest. I put no demands on you - I promise. When you read my story, you will feel great and alive with excitement. I am just like you; I have never dreamt in my life time that I would become involved with destitute children. I never knew that my wife Helen and I would become “daddy and mummy” to thousands of dying little children. I never knew that we would find a new family. I grew up with no interest in the things God had called me to. God had a plan and He had chosen us to do a work. We found that God called us first, then gave us the desires and passion to fulfill that calling. 

The Prophet

It all started when Helen and I were young in ministry and we were on our first tour of the USA. Stopping over in Portland Oregon in a hotel, we received a message from a stranger, who called himself a prophet. “Is Helen Beard there?”, he asked. “I need to talk to a lady whose name is Helen Beard”, he said insistently. He went on to say, “she is an author of the famous book called Woman in Ministry Today.” When Helen came to the phone she asked, “who are you and how did you get my number?” He explained, “I have been searching for you and I finally met someone who knows you.” He pleaded, “I must see you Helen. I was reading your wonderful book and God spoke to me and said go and find Helen Beard and give her my message.” He said, “so this is exactly what I did - can I have an appointment please? It will not take long for me to tell you what God told me.” Soon a man who called himself a prophet turned up and introduced himself to us. He said, “you don’t mind if I talk to Helen alone, do you brother cliff?” Although I was unsure about this entire situation, I walked out of the room and went on with my work. We have met with all types of weird and wonderful people over our time in ministry so curiously, I asked Helen with a frown on my face, “well what was that all about?” She said apparently he was reading my book and God very definitely told him that we were going to build orphanages and save the lives of thousands of destitute children and orphans. I said to Helen, “oh, another one of those guys. I have seen them all.” I want to tell you that I had not the slightest interest in going in that direction and at that time I could not care less about kids in faraway places. I was raising my own five children and my hands were completely full with that task. We then dismissed the whole thing as another strange occurrence and never gave it another thought. 

TL and Daisey Osborne

The wheels of time continued to roll on and some years later God by his wonderful grace brought TL and Daisey Osborne across our paths. We were extremely excited as we sat together with them over lunch. No other person alive on earth had challenged us in our lives like these people. We read all their books on faith and healing the sick and we absorbed every word. We began to fashion our lives and ministry after them. 
We were truly inspired by what they had done for the Kingdom of God. Oh boy, now they were sitting in front of us. I asked myself was I dreaming. We never dreamt that we would ever be able to meet such great people and what is more remarkable, that we would end up sharing a meal together with these people. I was very nervous. TL was a remarkable man and he had the gift to see potential in people. All I remember was TLs voice as he was talking about Jesus. He spoke about Jesus and the subject never changed throughout the rest of our time spent together.
TL stopped, looked us right in our eyes and said, “I believe God is showing me that you and Helen should come with us to Mombasa. We are going there for a great crusade soon. You should do that.” I gulped and when I came up for air, we said, “oh sure that would be great.” To cut a long story short we went along and had a wonderful time. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship between us. We went to Mombasa for the great crusade and a 100,000 people packed the arena with thousands of miracles, signs and wonders happening in every meeting. After that we travelled with them and visited them often. They became our close friends. At the time we were not aware of what God was planning. While we were in Mombasa, we met up with a Ugandan pastor. He begged us to go to Uganda and minister to the pastors in a conference. Idi Amin had just fallen from power and the people were flocking back to church. He told us that they lacked Bible teachers he asked if we would put on a conference. We agreed and one year later we landed in Uganda not knowing what to expect. God was moving mightily in the meetings - people were dancing, singing and praising God all day and all night. Our conference commenced and over one thousand pastors packed into the arena and all day and most of the night we went about teaching God’s word. They were so hungry for God’s word and hung on everything that we had to say. Great things happened during that time too numerous to write about. After some time, the conference was over and we were exhausted and preparing ourselves to go to Nairobi. We were tired and in need of some rest.
Two days later, I was waiting outside my hotel waiting for a taxi to take me to the airport. Little did I know that God was about to do a great miracle in my heart and He was about to change the lives of thousands of people and especially the lives of little orphaned children. I sat down at a small table outside the hotel, when I looked up I saw the most pitiful desperate sights one could ever see. A small child was running up to people in the street, he was holding some junk bangles and trying to sell them to every person in sight. How persistent he was obvious he was doing this for survival. He was determined not to give up until he had made a sale. After sometime this little guy, stopped and stood still - he had sold nothing. He stood there with his pot belly stuck out from malnutrition. Most of his hair had fallen out from the big ringworms that he had on his head. He stood there with his head down. He stood there like that for probably over half a minute then gradually turned his head as though something had told him to do it. His eyes were looking straight at me. He came and sat on the chair in front of me. His big eyes stared at me - looking me up and down. He asked in broken English, “what you do here?” “Oh, I said I’m just waiting for my car to take me to the airport.” “I have to go to Nairobi.” He then pleaded, “can I come with you?” “Oh I said you have to have a passport and a visa so the government would not let you go.” “Anyway”, I said, “what would your mummy and daddy say?” He dropped his head and big tears came up in his eyes and said, “I don’t have any mummy or daddy - can you take me home?” As he said this I saw the terrible pain that this little boy was suffering. His heart was lonely and torn to pieces and he had to fare for himself on the streets alone. My heart was wrenched as there was nothing I could do for this child. 

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