When Cliff was leading International Gospel Centre Inc (IGC), he received a lot of letters from all over the world. Most of the mail came from people in the developing countries asking for support. The word need is a huge word and it is very easy to run with your own emotions, so Cliff concluded that he should be sure that God is leading IGC to help someone before he started making regular donations to another worker in another country.

From all of the mail which poured into IGC, Cliff was touched by one particular letter which came from the Philippines. He then decided to support that ministry with a small monthly donation to see what would be done with it. After two years of support, Cliff and a team from Australia flew over to Cebu, Philippines to see what had been done and to see what could be done in the future.

When Cliff arrived, he was quite impressed by what he seen. With just a couple of hundred dollars a month, the workers in the Philippines were holding feeding programs in the very worst places in the slums of Cebu. These places were dangerous, where many of the criminals would go to escape from the police. Once they were inside their slums even the police wouldn’t dare to enter for fear of being shot.

When Cliff went through the slum his heart was challenged with some of the worst living conditions he had ever seen. He saw little children living in 1mentre square homes. The sickness was ramped and there was barely a place that he could go that didn’t have some major illness. 

One particular home had two small children locked inside of a small tin shed. They would only have been two or three years old. Their father had died and their mother had gone to work for the day so that she could provide for them. She had no choice and no one to take care of them while she worked. Both children had serious colds and their faces were already numb on one side. When Cliff went back to the Philippines the following year both children had died from a simple cold. Their weak little bodies were unable to fight off the sickness.

This example was not rare and so touched deeply by what he seen, Cliff decided to up his support and take it much seriously. Over the next few years Cliff had raised enough funds to open up pre-school and feeding programs in six areas.

Today through his son John, the Philippines is one of IGC biggest programs. The feeding program has grown to feed over thousands of people living and sleep on the streets with no home to go to. They own nothing! Even their clothes they wear are rip and torn.

IGC sponsors around 450 children to go to school they conduct four major health clinics from dental work, vaccinations, cleft pallet operations and heath care clinical days. They assist the poor with finances for many operations. They have several mission houses which help with intensive care and house many of the workers. IGC supports many students to go through university. They have renovated several wards in the hospitals where the poorest of the poor go. There are so many other things have been done that would make the list go on and on but the work in the Philippines has been a great success.

The organization which IGC works through in the Philippines is called CMFP Inc The people in charge of the project are Nick and Lucy and have done an amazing job. Both are the Australia Consultants of Cebu and this has lead to great favor with people in high places. Because of this they have been able to raise support from large businesses within the Philippines which has helped to enhance our overall projects. The Australian Ambassador has approved several grants to the CMFP Inc and the work there has really flourished. They have been able to place many poor people in the richer private hospitals through the favor of local doctors. The customs department, have been helpful to pass on to Cebu, 11 containers of medical equipment and other needy goods. Nick and Lucy have won three keys to different city for the work that they have done there.

All of this work started with Cliff about 14 or 15 years ago and today his fruit lives on through others. This ministry has been very fruitful and God continues to bless it today.


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