As Salvador was sleeping one night, his own mother poured gasoline all over him and then lit him alight. It took four hours for Salvador to reach the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital did not have a burns division so the doctors were unable to treat him. Salvador lay awake for many hours without any pain killers, suffering in agony.

Salvador’s body was so badly burnt that his skin would not grow back. Salvador lay on the hospital bed with his flesh exposed. No one visited him - people were just waiting for him to die. It is a miracle that Salvador didn’t catch any infections and die during that time because third world hospitals were notorious for harboring deadly diseases. Finally, someone came to the rescue of Salvador and showed compassion.

When Nick and Lucy Longden, a couple of Australian Missionaries, saw Salvador lying in hospital, they made enquiries about him. After hearing his story, they became determined to help this young boy. Nick and Lucy immediately contacted their Australian counter-parts, IGC’s John and Julie Beard, to find out if they could do anything for Salvador. John and Julie agreed to take on the huge task without hesitation.

John and Julie were very persistent in their quest to save this little boy’s life that they spent many hours seeking help from the medical fraternity in every state of Australia. One year later IGC received a glorious message from the Royal Perth Hospital saying that they will operate on Salvador for free - if they could bring him to Australia. This was without question a miracle and a clear sign that God was at work in this situation.

IGC raised over $100,000 to pay for Salvador’s airline tickets and for the cost of careers for more than six months while he was in Australia. The operations were very successful and this gave Salvador the ability to live a normal life. Today, Salvador is in his second year of his medical studies. He was accepted to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines. He says that because God helped him, he wants to help others. Salvador lives in the mission house back in the Philippines with Nick and Lucy Longden and all of his study expenses are paid for by the mission.

Salvador’s testimony is a story of hope, compassion and faith. A human tragedy was averted by many people’s act of kindness and firm belief that with God all things are possible.


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