Seeing the Harvest

Quite often we never see the outcomes of our sowing but when God reveals to us the “fruit” of our sowing, it becomes a great source of blessing and encouragement to us. It is as though God is saying to us - thank you for your faithfulness. 
A brief background
Many years ago, God birthed within Cliff and Helen’s heart a vision to help homeless orphaned children in Uganda. Upon their first visit to Uganda they saw 
many little children begging for food. They had heard that all these begging children 
were orphaned through either war or through the Aids epidemic virus that was 
raging across that country. It was estimated that there were three hundred thousand orphaned children in existence in Uganda at that time. These children were starving and without hope. Cliff and Helen’s vision involved gathering together these little destitute children and provide them with shelter, food, schooling, medicalhelp, and above all to teach them about Jesus. It was Cliff and Helen’s hope that when these little children grow up, they will then go about spreading the message of Christ through out the cities and villages where they lived. However, after some years, they all lost contact with each other but Cliff and Helen never stop wondering what 
had happened to these children.

Seeing the harvest from your sowing It was some fifteen years later, one of these little children with a grateful heart searched every where to again connect with his spiritual mother and father - he eventually found them through the internet. I have given you extracts of the emails sent once contact was made. To date, we haven’t been able to contact Dennis and Bette Lange and if you are reading this then be assured that your sowing has brought a great harvest - may God bless you for your faithfulness.] I pray that as you read 
these emails you will be inspired and take courage in your sowing that God will bring about an increase from all your endeavours. 

Phillip Beard




(Please note: These emails have not been edited so they may contain grammatical errors) Copy of an email sent from Gerald in Uganda looking for Helen and Clifford Beard. Dear friends; My names are Gerald Ntuuwa writing from Uganda East Africa where 
> Cliff and Helen installed a very big children\'s village. Can I be able to contact 
> Cliff and know how they are getting on? It is now nearly 15 years since I last 
> heard from them and have no contact details. 
> thanks


24th June, 2008 Gerald sends his first email to Cliff and Helen

Dear Cliff and Helen,
With great honor and pleasure I write from Uganda. This is Kamuzinda where you started a very big children’s village. I was one of the first 12 children to register. You made a difference in lives of many thousands of children here. You donated a bicycle to our Pastors and you gave us great Christmas Party every year. We have managed because you brought Jesus to us. I am now a minister in one of the churches and we have opened 6 more churches. We always speak about you in the churches and we tell our children about you.
I received Jesus when you preached. I remember you preaching about a chain. I remember you stretching your hands and many children touching your hair. We once sang a song in the following wards. Oh Cliff and Helen the mother of our future plans and prosperity. I was sponsored by Dennis and Bette Lange and my number was ch57.
We all want to hear from you and know how you are getting on. Many of the children are now teachers and vocational workers etc.
I one day got up and said I must find out how you are getting on. I tried the internet and I got too the New Heart website and followed the very many links and now I have received your email from one of the people I contacted. We saw Rev Ruth on the website and have written a mail to her requesting that we love to hear from you our beloved Grandfather and spiritual father. Above all you brought us a JUSUS who does us so good and loves us. We love you Cliff and Helen. Please email back and our hearts will be happy.



Cliff and Helen respond back to Gerald

Dear Gerald
Well bless you Gerald. How beautiful before Jesus that you would seek us out after these many years and also, to give us information about our lovely children. We have not heard of them for many years and often longed to know what has happened to you all. Jesus said I would that you go forth and bring forth fruit and that your fruit may remain. You have grown strong in him. We love you. Our new Website will be up and running in a couple of weeks so when it is I will let you know so you can read our messages to our people and to our children. 
When Helen came into my office we lost some tears as I read your email to her - it was like a medicine to us.
We are presently ministering in Latin America but live in Australia. I also am an apostle to New Heart Ministries USA that you found on the Website - they are nice people. I will be in the USA in September/October.
Tell me about our children who have grown up in Jesus and if they are walking in him - how many?
If you can send me your photo on the computer I would like to have it. We may even put it on the Website so others can hear your testimony, if we can.
I have asked our mission office to try and find your old sponsor. We may not know them anymore. 
Thank you dear brother. 
Yours in Jesus

Mama Helen and Poppa Cliff


26th June, 2008 - Phillip sends an email to Gerald 

Dear Gerald,
My name is Phillip Beard and I am Cliff & Helen’s eldest son.
I was so pleased to hear from you. My father has asked me to contact you. When Cliff first visited Uganda, a vision was birthed within his heart. He thought, if we could just gather all these orphaned children together and teach them about Jesus, when they grow up, they will then go about spreading the message of Christ through out the cities and villages where they live. This could start a chain reaction for the Kingdom of God and as a result in many souls could be won for Christ for generations to come. 
Your testimony is exactly what my father prayed for... and my father cried when he read your email. 
We are currently setting up a new Web site and I will let you know when it is up and running.
I will keep in touch.
May God bless you. 

Gerald responds back to Phillip

Dear Phillip Beard,
This is so good. I feel renewed and I am quite confident that the good Lord has done us so great. I will send you my pictures and full testimony this evening. Philip what Cliff did here is a very big testimony. To be honest so many people’s lives have changed and now the community is getting better. We have always longed to hear from you all. Now the people in my church and the friends around us are very excited that you have contacted us. All here is a planted seed from your Dad. I am very excited and I have so many things to write. Let me organize myself and get back to you very soon.

Gerald sends another email 
Dear Mama Helen and Pappa Cliff
It is indeed very great to hear from you. All the friends are exited and are looking forward to hear a message from you. I have printed out your email and everybody is happy that I have at last managed to make links to you. Everybody wants to see photos of you. We are very sure our brothers in Latin America are very blessed to have you there. I have attached my photographs to this email so you can down load and see what a difference you made in lives of thousands of children in Uganda. You will see in the small photo how I looked in 1992 and how I look at present. May God bless you so many million times. Many of the children who know you are now grown up and some have families now. Let me mention that the first intakes are currently working near Kamuzinda, some have gone to Kampala and other parts of the country. But I am very happy to report to you that very many people believed Jesus and are now preaching and ministering in different churches around here.

Ministers in churhes
1-Paul kyakuwa- the boy you used to print in your big magazine preaching at the assembly with a horn speaker -He used to preach with a girl called Trude Mapambano, who is now a teacher. Paul is a pastor and director of a discipleship travelling school in Uganda.
2 -Matuusa Paul Lukwago-the boy who made a guitar is now a teacher and Gospel artist. He is very famous in country music.
3-Ntuuwa Gerald (myself) teacher of the word and graduate of computer science and information techinology.
4- Nanyanzi Rogers is the girl who used to lead many songs when you came to see us. She is now a choir leader in the church.
David Mugenyi-he is a director of a school with a very strong fellowship for youth. He is also a pastor.
The list is endless; some are drivers, builders, teachers in government schools. We are blessed that you are hearing what happened to your seed.
I’m going to send you my complete profile and testimony so you can put it on your website. If you give me your mailing address I will send you many photos and other paper work for you to see the ministry growing.

We started some more churches and will continue to preach and plant more as the lord leads us. We have many departments in the church. I’m a teacher and also assistant to the Married couple chairman. My wife and I were both orphans at your village. We now have two daughters: Desire 5 yrs and Dinah 2yrs. We are living a very happy life and a lot of things have changed here.

My sponsor was number ch57 and their names were Dennis and Bette Lange. I am happy that you will try to see if you can find them so I can say thank you to them. I will be very blessed to see them. I think the number can help very much to locate where they came from.
Over the last 16 years Uganda has taken a very big step in development and many things have changed. The churches in Kampala have taken a very big step and are very big in numbers and have many services in one day.
We would like to see you coming to Uganda to celebrate with us the victory of your seed. We shall need a big party like the Christmas parties you did for us. Many of us had a soda for the first time, a shoe, and having a plate full of rice was so great for poor children like us.

I will be happy to hear from you. We would love to see your webs address when it is running.

Gerald Ntuuwa Luwemba.
Dear Gerald,

Cliff and Helen send another email 

Dear Gerald 
It has been such a blessing to me that you would be obedient to Jesus and make contact with me. I needed to know how my children are and how they have grown up and what they are doing for a long time
Little Trudy found a very deep place in our hearts and her ministry could she write us a letter and photograph? Oh boy, we always remember her powerful preaching. I am writing her story this week and putting it on the Website.
Then there was Paul who you mentioned such a precious boy Paul with his old wooden guitar made from a tree and I bought him a new one. I would like to receive news even letters of good testimonies from all those who have been loved by Jesus through us. You see they magnify the Lord and there is a very real story behind each one but the ones you have mentioned need to be know. 

Ruth our daughter is pastoring with Mama Helen in a church called Vine Life Christian fellowship. The old web site is soon closing down and a new fresh one is soon starting up. I am now 78years of age and am not able to carry that responsibility anymore. I have become a grandfather and a great grandfather not only to our own children but to all our orphaned children worldwide. We continue to minister some crusades for three months of the year.

Yes God wanted you find us. I am sorry that we cannot offer you financial help any more. We gave everything we had when you were a little boy, now you have grown strong and wise. 

Phillip is your main contact now. We may not be able to keep in touch with you often as we still travel but we will certainly keep close with all your news and read all your correspondence.

Your photo was very nice - you have grown to be a handsome man. I bet you have a lovely wife and children.

Now be blessed in Jesus name.
Poppa Cliff and Mama Helen


Another email sent by Gerald 

Dear Pappa Cliff and Mama Helen,

I was most blessed to receive your emails .when I read the powerful words of the mouth I felt very good in my life. It is indeed working for me. I am very sure the Lord made this connection to make our joy complete.
My wife is very excited and sends blessings to you. Yesterday we had an overnight prayer. I gave a testimony of how God made me search for you. I went ahead to tell them about your email "the powerful words of your mouth" after words we begun to thank the Lord in praise and prayer. The power of God came down and we were filled with happiness. I pray that the lord's will be done in this whole thing. He is taking us to another step.

I am writing the word of the song and to send to you. Yesterday I was talking with Paul and he was very excited to know how you are getting on. We are going to send you a photo of him soon.

We are very thankful to you and Mama Helen for giving us a gift of love. The good Lord is great and awesome. May God bless you indeed.

Every blessings


An email sent from Richard and Dianne Kerridge (Pastors of a thriving church in Melbourne and doing a wonderful work for the Lord in Africa)

Hi Cliff,

What a wonderful blessing to have heard from that man in Uganda. It makes it all worthwhile doesn't it? Just to know that you've had an eternal impact on even one person is reward enough, but of course there have been literally many thousands of people who can say something similar to what he said about Cliff and Helen Beard. Richard and i are amongst those thousands! I was sharing with a young man in our church just today the 'righteousness' message I first heard you preach many years ago and it was exciting to see him light up as the revelation of it began to sink in. Thank you for imparting that to me. It's made an incredible difference to not only my life, but all that I've had opportunity to minister to over the last 25 or so years.

Thank you also for birthing in me and Richard a vision for the nations. Your ministry continues to go on in many nations of Africa through us! Richard is enjoying his time in the Congo and I'm looking forward to hearing about it when he returns on the 9th July. I will be leaving on the 26th July for Malawi and Zambia. I must tell you how God has continued to provide for us in the most amazing way. We didn't have an enormous turn up at the Fundraising event we held the week after you were with us, but God has provided over $35,000 for us and proven to me once again that He is indeed Jehovah Jireh and I don't need to worry about the how, just believe that He will, and I am very excited at all He has in store for us. 

How are your fundraising efforts going? I know He will provide for you too - He is so faithful! 

You truly are my 'father in the faith' Cliff and I'm so thankful to the Lord for teaching me through you, the victory and freedom of the Cross! Because of that, I really feel I've got something give at these Women's Conferences! 

With my love and blessings,


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