In 1985 Helen and I were invited to go to Uganda by our American friends TL and Daisy Osborne. While there, we continually observed the aftermath of some of the horrific atrocities that was inflicted upon the people of Uganda by the Idi Amin and the Obote regimes. We saw many human bones piled up on the side of the streets and buildings that had been destroyed by bullet and tank fire. No mater where we went the pain and suffering inflicted by the Idi Amin’s brutal regime was still evident upon the faces of the Uganda people. Hopelessness was widespread. 

An incredible feeling of compassion came upon me when a young orphaned boy asked me if he could come back to Australia with me. From that moment, we felt a burning desire to do something for the Uganda people but were unsure in what way we could help. We felt particularly drawn to the children in that country as they seemed to be most in need of immediate help. In the past Helen and I would hit a city or region in a big way by conducting mass crusades and faith healing meetings, but this time we felt that God was leading us in a new direction. 

After arriving back into Australia, we began sharing about our experiences of Uganda every where we went. Over the next few months many people came to us and urged us to go back to Uganda. People became aware of the incredible need that existed in that nation and pledged their support. If ever a time that Uganda needed God’s intervention and it was right at that time.     

On our first trip to Uganda we had met a man by the name of Paul Wasswa, who was great with children. Paul raised up several schools in Uganda and I said to Helen that I would like to work with this man. I noticed there were so many homeless destitute children wandering around the place. I thought, if we could just gather these children together and teach them about Jesus, when they grow up, they will then go about spreading the message of Christ through out the cities and villages of where they live. This could start a chain reaction for the Kingdom of God and as a result many souls can be won for Christ for generations to come. We heard about the Muslims starting up orphanages in Uganda and training these children in their own Islamic belief systems – this disturbed us greatly. 

Over the next few months the Holy Spirit began to prompt us to purchase a facility in Uganda that will provide shelter, food, and schooling for these orphaned children. I felt God say to me, ‘Act now - gather these children together so that they may be brought up in the ways of God’. There was one major barrier standing in the way, which was - we simply did not have the funding to do what God had directed us to do. We sought God earnestly for an answer and finally the answer came. God said, ‘Go to my people, help will come from their generosity’. Asking people for money was not going to be easy thing to do; this latest challenge will require a lot of faith, courage and prayer, however, we had to be obedient to God and put aside our own personal feelings.      
In 1989 we formed International Gospel Centre Inc (IGC) and started to raise child sponsorships. We knew nothing about running such an organization but stepped out in faith and saw the provision of God at work through the generosity of so many people. People everywhere supported the vision that was placed in our hearts.  International Gospel Centre Inc grew very quickly and within a few years we had raised over 600 sponsors. God was continually answering our prayers. We saw the vision unfolding before our very eyes; a high school, primary school, medical centre, and ten orphan homes were built within a short time.  

Today IGC is still a thriving organization. It sends thousands of dollars abroad to help the destitute children. In 1995 we handed the running of the organization over to our son and daughter in-law John and Julie Beard. They run the organization with the same great passion birthed into our hearts many years ago. Our vision still continues to be the driving force behind the organization today.

The Ugandan journey has shown us that when God asks us to do something, no matter how great the challenge might be, He will work through us to bring that thing to pass. Many people wrongly believe that when you are in the will of God, everything should work out perfect – this was not our experience. We experienced many barriers and problems along the way but we made sure that our faith was unwavering. We made a conscious decision to maintain our focus on God’s ability rather than our own person limitations and inadequacies. We chose not to spend a moment of time worrying about    how large the obstacle was standing in our way but rather all our energies were channeled into the conviction that with God all things are possible. We have made this mindset a cornerstone of whatever we have done in 52 years of ministry and the reason why our ministry has prospered.

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