God works in mysterious ways. In 1992 the President of Zambia, Mr. Chiluba had heard about the work that Helen and myself were doing in Uganda. He heard that we set up a large orphanage for children who had been orphaned through either the slaughter of Idi Amin’s death squads or by the AIDS epidemic that has caused the death of 1 million people in Uganda. He heard that we provided a humanitarian program, which includes schooling, housing, feeding and medical help for destitute children. He was desperate to set up similar programs In Zambia. At the time, Zambia was not on our list of countries that we desired to work in. We had no idea that our work was receiving so much attention. Out of the blue, Mr. Chiluba contacted us to make an official visit to Zambia.

Upon our arrival, we met with the president and he asked us to help set up an orphanage program similar to the one we set up in Uganda. We accepted the invitation to start helping the Zambian children. The president instructed his personal secretary, Mr. Author Yoyo, and his spiritual adviser, Rev Evans Chibesakunda, to set up an organization to help needy children. God was going before us opening doors that we could not have even dreamt of opening for us. God was in the driver’s seat and we became spectators of what God was doing in Africa at that time.

When we arrived back in Australia we shared the vision to help destitute children throughout the churches. People’s hearts were stirred and generously gave to the cause. Over 200 sponsorships were raised within a very short time. Many little African children’s lives were changed forever because people cared and gave to the work. The work continues in that country today.

Our experiences in Uganda and Zambia caused us to expand our vision. We learnt that when God calls us to a task, we should never restrict our thinking or operate in the realms of our own limitations. God has no limitations and because of this truth our faith should be based on what He is able to do through us in the future and not what we have been capable of in the past. Doing the will of God is a matter of finding out what God is doing and getting onboard with that – this takes the striving out of the whole process of serving Him.

Meeting with the President, Mr Chiluba


Cliff and Helen with the secretary


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